Start Here: How To Generate OAUTH2 credentials

May 10, 2024

💡 Create an OAUTH2 application so that your user's authentication experience is white-labeled to your brand

When you ask your end-user to add an integration that uses OAUTH2-based authentication, that vendor will show your end-user an "Authorization" page which will display the name of the company or product request that access.

To replace the Unified.to name in those Authorization pages, you will need to create an OAUTH2 application with that vendor.

Step 1

Go to the list of active integrations and select the integration you wish to support. Click on the ‘Activate' button.

Step 2

If this integration supports OAUTH2, then you will see a link underneath the "OAUTH2 Client ID" field called "Get your own OAUTH2 credentials". Click this and follow those vendor-specific instructions.

Step 3

When creating your OAUTH2 credentials/application, make sure to set the redirect URI to https://api.unified.to/oauth/code.

Step 4

Then use that clientID and clientSecret when you activate an integration.

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