This is the unified.to management API that allows you to manage your connections and other objects.

Data Model

Unified data model


You can pull historical data from your connection, select which fields you receive data from, adjust the intervals for webhook data checks, manually trigger webhooks to run immediately for testing purposes, observe an audit trail of webhook activity, and monitor the health of your webhooks.

Our advanced back-off/retry and scheduling strategies handle all the complexities of fetching data from 3rd-party APIs while navigating time-outs, rate-limiting, and networking errors.

This is the payload object that will be sent back to your desired URL in a POST call:

dataobject arrayThe data array will contact an array of specific objects according to the webhook's connection. (eg. CRM Contacts)
webhookWebhookThe webhook object
noncestringRandom string
sigstringHMAC-SHA1(workspace.secret, data + nonce)
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