By default, most list endpoints return a maximum of 100 records per page. You can change the number of records on a per-request basis by passing a limit parameter (in the request URL parameters for REST).

Example: limit=50

However, you can't exceed 100 records per page on most endpoints.

You will know that there aren't any more records, when the number of returned results is less than your requested limit.


When the response exceeds the requested results, you can paginate through the records by padding a offset parameter that specifies the position of the first result. This parameter is zero-based regardless of integration's paging mechanism.

Filtering with Updated Since

You can filter the list by specifying the minimum updated date updated_gte. This parameter returns lists that have their updated date at of greater than the specific value.

Filtering with Query

You can filter the list by specifying a query parameter. The search will be integration-specific.

Sorting & Ordering

You can sort the results the sort parameter. Valid options include name, updated_at, and created_at. You can order order the results with the order parameter which only has two options: asc and desc.

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